Who are you?

We are Flutter, an SDK for hybrid mobile app development.

What percentage of sales do marketplace authors receive?

We're in this to provide people a way to extend Flutter's functionality while keeping the core of Flutter lean. We're not trying to make any money from the market. In fact, we don't even take a cut. Authors will receive all proceeds, minus applicable taxes and payment processing fees (governmental and payment processor fees, not ours).

Where can I find my Invoice or Receipt?

The Flutter Marketplace facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers, and is not an active party in the exchange of funds. Please contact the seller regarding invoices or receipts.

What is the difference between a Starter, a Plugin, and a Theme?

Starters are fully functional apps. Components are specific features that can be added to an existing app. Themes contain only style changes.

My listing changed. Why?

Flutter retains editorial control of the Market, and we do everything we can to make listings as appealing and attractive as possible. For example, from time to time, we may update (or ask you to update) your icon or featured graphic. If we update something, we'll email you to let you know, and you are welcome to discuss your preferences with us. Occasionally we may change things because you're using text or graphics we don't allow. For example, while you are welcome to incorporate the Flutter logo into a design, you may not use it as your icon.

Who is able to become an author?

Anyone who has an Google account may create content for the Flutter Market. The Flutter Market allows you provide a link to another site where your add-on is listed for purchase.

I'm having a problem! How do I contact you?

Please email Admin at [email protected].